Intercultural Programs for
High School Students
Study Abroad in Spain


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This is a program for:

Current high school student

  • Current high school student
  • Age between 14 to 18 years old
  • Previous exposure to Spanish language is highly recommended but not mandatory
  • Successful academic record
  • Open to new cultural experiences

Students can choose this type of program itself or combine it with the Immersion Program.

Our objective is that students continue to learn and be able to use their Spanish in a wide variety of situations and environments and therefore, enrich their cultural understanding.  As such, we strive to teach Spanish in its proper cultural context.  Our students learn a new language, while at the same time experience outstanding aspects of Spanish culture and society.

Students put in practice what has been learned in the classroom in real-life situations.  Our method is modern, creative, friendly and effective; above all, it is practical, active, and highly communicative.  The student is the lead character, he/she studies and lives in the country where the language is spoken, practices the language in the home, in the classroom or workplace, in the street, experiences new ways of living and ways of thinking, and above all has continual contact with the environment.

The Spanish language and its culture, both in the classroom and outside in real life are an experience we believe to be enriching and where the student’s rapid progress will be immediate. Students will discover the richness of Spain’s heritage by studying the culture and visiting exciting new places.

Our programs are:

Language class hours Culture class hours
2 week program 20 20
3 week program 30 30
4 week program 40 40
6 week program 60 60

Customized programs will be designed according to the standards and curricular needs of each institution. Teachers are invited to select from existing programs or can customize the programs.