Intercultural Programs for
High School Students
Study Abroad in Spain


We make every effort to include only the highest quality accommodations for our study abroad programs in Spain. Each host family, dorm accommodation and hotel is selected by the CIRI housing director and must meet the top standards.

CIRI offers the options listed below:


Host family is the best option for students who want to live in a Spanish home. All meals are provided by the family. Students will either be in a room of their own or will share with a host family sibling or another student.

In this program a host family might not be a complete Spanish family (with father, mother and children) and a host lady might expect students to spend most of their time with school friends. For full immersion in a Spanish family CIRI offers the Immersion Program.


The student dorms we select are located in close proximity to the language classrooms. While students are guests of the dorm accommodation, CIRI chaperones live with the students in the dorms, share meals together, and are therefore able to ensure language immersion.

Students are usually placed two to a room, and eat all or the majority of their meals at the dorm, often in the dining hall. There are usually laundry facilities and communal student lounging areas. Please note that student dorms generally do not have air conditioning.


High School programs may wish to select this type of lodging. Our experienced housing directors make every effort to select hotels that are located in safe areas and all are either 3 or 4 start hotels.  The hotel accommodations include breakfast and dinners, which are either provided at the hotel or a nearby restaurant. Wherever possible we provide hotels with air conditioning.


The housing directors will do their best to accommodate any dietary restrictions Please note, dietary restrictions are less common in Europe than in the United States.