Intercultural Programs for
High School Students
Study Abroad in Spain


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The courses offered by CIRI are designed considering the levels of the standards known as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These levels would be adapted to meet the requirements of the high school and/or college. The staff at CIRI includes specialists in many areas of curriculum including ACTFL guidelines, and International Baccalaureate Program.

Experienced, native speakers, whose lesson plans highlight developing and increasing the fluency levels of the students, teach the CIRI language courses. Lesson plans are designed to promote speaking skills, and as such, students are encouraged to engage frequently in interactive oral activities with the professor and other students. The oral activities practiced in class can then in turn be used immediately while in Madrid and other cities. A range of material is used to stimulate oral activities. These lessons include radio or television programs, video recordings, conferences, literature, and students will have opportunities to focus on analyzing the material, the student will practice grammatical structures, develop awareness of the culture and enhance reading and listening skills.

The course combines several integrated approaches intended to develop your skills. Most in-class time is devoted to speaking and practicing Spanish through a combination of group-based and individual activities, focusing on grammatical structures, language functions and vocabulary. Lessons also focus on a wide range of contemporary cultural themes through the use of varied materials such as newspaper articles, advertisements, video, magazines, novels, short-stories, essays, and short film clips.

All this, and other cultural components of the course, will also promote your knowledge of Spain and Spanish, thus learning this language, gives you a privileged opportunity to develop sensitivity towards cultural differences and to understand the ways in which culture and language are intertwined.