Intercultural Programs for
High School Students
Study Abroad in Spain


CIRI Intercultural Studies Abroad is an organization committed to offering a unique academic learning experience to High School students in Spain. This institute offers each student the prospect to achieve an international and intercultural education for global competence in the 21st century.

Mission Statement: CIRI’s mission is to create and facilitate programs in Spain for academic growth, global citizenship, personal development and cultural appreciation through excellent international education.

CIRI promotes the importance of understanding a diverse and interconnected world and the fundamentals of a global world, which is why we believe this program, will meet the needs of the student who wishes to study and prepare for the international world. Secondly, CIRI fosters and promotes the importance of cultural immersion. Learning is an interactive process and, all classes are taught by native-Spanish college professors. In addition to the traditional lecture halls, sites such as the Prado Museum and the streets of Habsburg and Bourbon Madrid, or any other authentic locals, become classrooms.

CIRI values its commitment to specialized academic programs and works closely with the faculty in the development of the curriculum. Our highly qualified advisors and staff are experienced, knowledgeable and hold multiple degrees from highly regarded institutions from Europe, Asia and North America. These accomplished individuals understand the essence of today’s global market, and provide faculty with the support and guidance necessary to make these programs a success. It is important to note, these academic programs can be customized, according to the level of studies and our curriculum department can work with teachers to meet the demands of their standards and curricular programs.