Intercultural Programs for
High School Students
Study Abroad in Spain


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This is a program for:

  • Current high school student
  • Age between 14 to 18 years old
  • Previous exposure to Spanish language is highly recommended but not mandatory
  • Successful academic record
  • Open to new cultural experiences

Students can choose this type of program itself or combine it with the Academic Program. We offer Immersion Program from 1 to 6 weeks.

Enjoy and living with a host family is a unique component of our immersion program. High school students are invited to experience the great benefits of an intensive language-learning situation, speaking only in Spanish. The goal of this immersion experience is to allow the student to live as a Spanish teenager. In order to achieve this goal of total immersion in the true sense, we at CIRI are highly selective and will match the student to the Spanish family. These Spanish families are warm and friendly who wish to welcome a student from a foreign country into their home in order to share their culture and make a lifelong family friend.  The immersion program is open to students who wish to have an authentic family experience.

The host family provides all of the meals and students are placed one per family, the student will either have a bedroom of their own or will share with a host family sibling.

While participating in this authentic experience, students will also have opportunities to participate in multiple activities such as youth sports and contemporary cultural activities.


The housing directors will do their best to accommodate any dietary restrictions Please note, dietary restrictions are less common in Europe than in  other countries.

We offer the host family immersion experience in different places all around Spain, such as: Asturias, Cantabria, Comunidad de Madrid and Extremadura.